The Festival


Welcome to one of the largest film festivals in Dallas, Texas. The art of film has captured the human imagination for many years. With innovation in technology, the film now is a very powerful force that gives voice beyond boundaries. This film festival takes place every year in Dallas to encourage those who have worked hard throughout the year to entertain people with their creativity and magic. The event mainly focuses on promoting our local talent on an international platform.

This year has been special. A record number of films have been produced this year which shows that the people of Dallas are getting more enthusiastic about film making or being part of the film industry. Another reason for this year to be special is that a number of local artists have made their appearance on the international platform.

Venue: AT &T Performing Arts Center, Dallas, Texas
Date: 21st September – 30th September 2016


The tickets are now available for sale. You can buy the tickets from any of the movie theaters in Dallas. Here are the prices for each category of ticket.

  • Daytime screenings (5 pm and earlier): $15
  • Evening screenings: $25
  • Gala screenings: $45

There will be screenings of U.S. and international films. Awards will be given to the local artists for their performance this year. Some of the top celebrities of the films industry will be attending the event. Seats are limited. So, get your ticket today!