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" King of the Cowboys "
Roy Rogers, *King of the Cowboys*
Roy Rogers
Debuted 2/5/07

2014 FESTIVAL DATES: July 30 - August 2, 2014

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers
Roy and Dale put
God Family Country
in that exact order

Holiday Inn Hotel
Portsmouth, OH

"2014 Roy Rogers Festival"
2014 marks the 31st year for our event. Please check out our 2014 Feature Attractions page and our 2014 Guests & Entertainers page. A few more surprises will be thrown in!

This year, we will be "Celebrating 31 Years". This year's festival will be an exciting and a fabulous time to gather together and honor Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Join us, along with other Roy and Dale fans from all over the globe and celebrate their lives and wonderful legacy. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans may be gone phsically, but their wonderful legacy lives on!!

We are the only known festival that annually honors our area-native hero and lovely bride. Plans are now underway for the annual 2013 Roy Rogers Festival, with a great executive team heading the Roy Roy Rogers Collectors Association and the Roy Rogers Festival Committee. We're looking ahead with the wonderful team of festival committee members who volunteer their time and talents to put on such a great festival each year. It's alot of hard work and dedication! Our hats off to all of the members on the festival committee.

Come join us for cowboy and cowgirl fun, with a few surprises thrown in. Ride in and help us honor our area native son, Leonard Slye (Roy Rogers) and his amazing Dale Evans with a "huge family reunion".

Our annual festival is held the first weekend in August. In 2014, the dates are July 30 - August 2, 2014 Mark your calenders now!

The Holiday Inn Hotel in downtown Portsmouth, OH is our host hotel.

Get those saddles a'shinin', your spurs a'spinnin', and have your cowboy hat ready to hit the dusty trail with your "Trigger" or "Buttermilk" towards Portsmouth, OH for the 2013 Annual Roy Rogers Festival.

Our very first festival was in 1983. Please contact us and make your plans early to attend. We'll be looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting brand new ones.

Portsmouth, OH takes on a western feel during the annual Roy Rogers Festival held in downtown Portsmouth.

Cowboy & Cowgirl enthusiasts gather for a few days for memorabilia, celebrities and alot of western fun. It's like a family reunion each year. You can visit with western stars and top off the fun-filled days with a grand banquet.

Roy Rogers lived on Duck Run, in nearby McDermott, OH for a period of his youth and attended what was then McDermott High School. His boyhood home is privately owned now and no longer open for tours, but there's a nice historical marker in front of the home where you may take some great photos or video to capture the moments.

The Roy Rogers Festival honors our area native, Leonard Franklin Slye, aka, Roy Rogers and his lovely bride of over 50 years, Dale Evans. They were the most loved western couple of all time. Together, they rode many happy trails, with some terrible heartbreaks along the way, but these two with-stood their broken hearts so graciously with the Love of God in their hearts. To this day, these two individuals remain popular as ever to a multitude of fans and their loyalty has never waivered.

Roy and Dale touched the hearts of millions and their persona, on-screen and off, were exactly the same. What you saw on-screen was what you got off-screen as well.

Being stead-fast Christians as they were, the trail got mighty weary when overwhelmed by all the dates they had to full-fill by a certain deadline. They couldn't, and wouldn't dissapoint the children!

They raised a multi-culturial family of nine children, losing three of them before they became adults. Throughout the decades, fans have patterned their own lives by the likes of this well-deserving partnership. Heroes may come and go, but there's one thing for certain, no others will ever come close to taking over their reins, for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans will forever reign as the "King of the Cowboys" and "Queen of the West"!!

The annual auction proceeds, plus, monitorial donations, raises money for the Roy Rogers Scholarship Fund. A scholarship is given to a deserving Scioto County, OH high school senior each year.

Cowboys and cowgirls from all over the globe have a rip roarin' time! They are taken back to those wondrous days of yesteryear when cowboys were king and the good guys rode off into the sunset.

We look forward to having our Guest Stars, Special Guests and Entertainers each festival and having them available for the fans. We do appreciate and applaud each one that grace our festival with their presence!!

We do appreciate your loyalty and patronage to the Roy Rogers Festival!!

Roy and Dale's wedding, December 31, 1947     1989: Dale and Roy, last time together in Portsmouth, OH for the Roy Rogers Festival     Roy and Dale, 50 years of wedded bliss

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"Cowboys of the Silver Screen"
2010 Commemorative Stamp

Cowboys of the Silver Screen 2010 commemorative stamp

Roy's individual stamp

The United States Postal Service debuted the 2010 commemorative stamp honoring four extraordinary performers who helped make the American Western a popular form of entertainment. Film stars from the silent era through the singing era are featured on the stamps: William S. Hart, Tom Mix, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers went on sale April 17, 2010. Get your stamps NOW, while the supply lasts!!

For further details about the commemorative stamps, Click Here.

Raymond E. White's book, King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West

Raymond E. White - award winning author.

You may purchase "King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans" directly from Mr. White, by clicking on the bookcover.



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See ya at the Roy Rogers Festival July 30 - August 2, 2014

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