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Portsmouth, Ohio

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Celebrating the life and work of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, the King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West, since 1983!!!
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Get those saddles a-shinin', your spurs a-spinnin', and have your cowboy hat ready to hit the dusty trail with your own Trigger or Buttermilk towards Portsmouth, OH for the 2015 Annual Roy Rogers Festival!!!

First held in 1983, 2015 marks the 32nd Annual Roy Rogers Festival. It will be held August 5-8, 2015 in Portsmouth, Ohio.
The Roy Rogers Festival is always held the first weekend in August at the Holiday Inn Hotel in downtown Portsmouth, OH. Come join us for cowboy and cowgirl fun, with a few surprises thrown in.

The festival is a gathering to honor Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans may be gone physically, but they live on in our hearts, on our bookshelves, and on our screens. Roy and Dale touched the hearts of millions. What you saw on-screen was what you got off-screen as well. Ride in and help us honor our area native son, Leonard Franklin Slye, also known as Roy Rogers, and Dale Evans, his lovely bride of over 50 years. They were the most loved western couple of all time. Together, they rode many happy trails, with some terrible heartbreaks along the way. They raised a multi-cultural family of nine children, losing three of them before they became adults. The two withstood their broken hearts graciously with the love of God in their hearts. To this day, these two individuals remain popular as ever to a multitude of fans and their loyalty has never wavered. Roy Rogers lived on Duck Run, in nearby McDermott, OH for a period of his youth and attended what was then McDermott High School. His boyhood home is privately owned now and no longer open for tours, but there's a nice historical marker in front of the home where you may take some great photos or video to capture the moment.

Portsmouth, OH takes on a western feel during the annual Roy Rogers Festival held in downtown Portsmouth. Cowboy & Cowgirl enthusiasts from all over the globe have a rip roarin' time gathering for a few days for viewing and buying memorabilia, visiting with western celebrities, special guests, and entertainers. Attendees enjoy seeing western shows and participate in other western fun. Do you enjoy cosplay? We have that as well.  Some people will be in costume the entire festival while others may just participate in the costume contest. It's like a family reunion each year. You can visit with western stars and top off the fun-filled days with a grand banquet. Be prepared to be taken back to those wondrous days of yesteryear when cowboys were king and the good guys rode off into the sunset. Throughout the decades, fans have patterned their own lives by the likes of this well-deserving partnership. Heroes may come and go, but there's one thing for certain, no others will ever come close to surpassing Roy and Dale. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans will forever reign as the King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West.

In the true spirit of the philanthropy of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, the annual auction proceeds, plus monetary donations, are used for the Roy Rogers Scholarship Fund. The 
Roy Rogers Scholarship Fund provides a scholarship to a deserving Scioto County, OH high school senior each year.

Please look at the 2015 Roy Rogers Festival page. Contact us and make your plans early to attend. We'll be looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting a lot of brand new ones.

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Happy Trails!!!
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